Knit Picks Rainbow Wood Crochet Hook Set -15cm


This vibrant rainbow coloured crochet hook set is made of a strong, polished, smooth laminated birch wood with the perfect amount of grip for hours of comfortable crocheting while the deeply grooved hooks allow for precision control over each stitch.

This 15cm (6″) set includes 1 vinyl needle case & one hook in each of the following 8 sizes:

  • E-4 (3.5mm)
  • F-5 (3.75mm)
  • G-6 (4.0mm)
  • 7 (4.5mm)
  • H-8 (5.0mm)
  • I-9 (5.5mm)
  • J-10 (6.0mm)
  • K-10.5 (6.5mm)

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